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Employee Engagement
Ongoing employee engagement is critical.
Especially in remote and hybrid environments.

A variety of factors impact employee engagement: Lack of tools. Lack of direction. Lack of information. Lack of connection to management.  Even Failure to understand policies and procedures or feeling that their needs are not met.

Regardless of reason, poor employee engagement leads to decreased productivity and lower retention.  Your organization can not afford employee turnover. 

Large enterprises are taking Employees Engagement seriously. Small and Medium Enterprises acknowledge the importance, but often lack the tools and resources. HeyHQ Can help.

What you get
Increase employee engagement
Reduce turnover
Increase productivity
Give employees a channel for their voices to be heard
Increase employee satisfaction
Reduce time and cost of business processes
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Return to work and manage flexible work environments
Getting back to your offices full time, or even partially, is essential to your operations. Teamwork is enhanced, productivity increases, and learning skyrockets.

But getting back to the office during Covid is complicated.  Factoring in the time, hassle, and reporting, the additional cost for employees to visit their own offices during Covid range from $15 to $25 per instance.  HeyHQ reduces this time and cost by 95%.

Large enterprise can afford disconnected teams, decreased productivity, and stagnant learning.  Small and medium enterprises can't. HeyHQ can help you get back to the office and work flexibly.

What you get
Schedule office visits automatically through Outlook or Google Calendar
Control access through COVID-19 questionnaires to confirm safety
Contactless check-in through geolocation, QR codes, or facial recognition
Gain visibility to building occupancy and resource utilization
Increase employee satisfaction
Reduce time and cost of business processes
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Visitor Mangagement
According to SHRM the cost to manage a single visitor ranges from $5 to $85 per visit.  HeyHQ reduces these costs by up to 90%.

Covid has increased the cost per visitor, and also compounded the employer’s responsibilities before and after every visit. Rather than deal with the extra burdens that Covid brings, many large enterprises have opted to prohibit visitors. Current trends indicate that this approach is unsustainable for large enterprises and not an option for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Small and Medium Enterprises depend on their partners, vendors, contractors, and their customers. Interacting with each of these constituents is essential and often best done face to face. HeyHQ Can help you safely and affordably host visitors, and contractors.  

What you get
Host and manage visitors through calendar integrations
Verify visitor ID, NDAs, COVID status, and more
Provide quick, contactless check-in
Automate booking, hosting, and visiting workflows
Automate COVID contact tracing through our single platform
Save time and money by for your company's specific processes
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Critical Event Management
Litigation is currently testing and extending the boundaries of what employers are responsible for even while business’ are working from home.

Planning for and responding to unplanned events and emergencies is every business's responsibility.  Creating, maintaining, and managing effective policies, procedures and practices for unplanned and emergency response is a business necessity.  It is part of effective Business Continuity Planning.  It not only protects employees and those in your care, but it is essential for mitigating liability and litigation risk. It also impacts insurance claims and premiums.

Remote and hybrid work has not diminished this responsibility.  It has extended it.

HeyHQ can help your company safeguard its employees, contractors, and visitors through any emergency or unplanned event.  

What you get
Protect employees and contractors by automating emergency response
Opt-in autonomous monitoring for any uncomfortable situation
All employees benefit from Executive level travel safety without the cost
Reduce insurance premiums
Mitigate liability and litigration risk
Communicate and coordinate when unplanned events occur
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We automate your human processes to optimize your business by configuring HeyHQ to your needs with your brand.
Lightning fast setup. Zero headaches. Every time.
No training required

A beautiful and intuitive user experience is a foundation of our philosophy.  No instructions are necessary.

Powerful Admin capabilities

Get deep visibility into everything that happens in your organization and across your operations.

Fast time to value

HeyHQ is typically deployed and delivering value in hours or days.

Completely customizable

HeyHQ is fully, and easily configurable. Allowing you to capture everything important to your business.

Deliver a branded experience

HeyHQ allows you to deliver a completely branded experience.   Your colors.  Your brand.

Safe and secure

We respect your privacy and will never share your data. Everything is secure.

We've crunched the numbers. HeyHQ just makes sense.

Our platform reduces costs, improves employee experiences, and automates business processes to deliver results previously only accessible to large enterprises.

Start saving money

saved per employee retained

According to SHRM replacing an employee costs 45% of the first year salary and benefits. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics advises the average American salary in 2021 was $53,490. That’s at least $24,000 in costs and fees to replace departing employees. According to SHRM the average employee takes 6 months to get up to full productivity. HeyHQ helps you understand the pulse of your organization and avoid employee turnover.

saved per visitor

According to SHRM the cost per visitor can be as high as $85. Local Covid regulations and your business processes can drive this cost even higher. HeyHQ delivers dramatic reductions in the time and staff required to book, greet, host, manage, and report on visitor activity. In the case of a Covid outbreak, contact tracing can be autonomously executed with no staff time or cost.

the time to implement

We deliver lightning fast time to value.  HeyHQ can be fully implemented in 10% of the time compared to traditional SaaS CRMs.  This means your organization can get up and running in a few days.

saved per office visit

Managing Covid requirements is costly. Depending on local regulations your company is responsible for meeting requirements every time an employee visits company premises. HeyHQ can completely remove the cost and overhead of your company’s return to work.

administration required

After initial implementation, HeyHQ requires ZERO human administration. All of your HeyHQ powered business processes can run better, faster, and human-operator-free.

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